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Wednesday, November 9, 2016
Marble Factory
5:30 pm - 11:30 pm

Never failing to deliver a stellar line up of genre pushing, ground breaking bands at the forefront of the hard-hitting music scene, Avocado Booking are excited to present their heaviest line up yet for the Impericon Never Say Die Tour! Tour 2016. Now in it’s tenth year the festival continues to go from strength to strength serving as a benchmark for the heavy music scene worldwide.









“We are beyond excited for this years INSD! With such a killer line-up and another great team on-board, this year is set to be the best INSD! yet!” says Ivonne Davies-Kreye / Avocado Booking. “If you have yet to experience a Never Say Die! Tour then check out the following video http://tinyurl.com/nlpoplj ”

“Avocado Booking continue to deliver fantastic line-up’s and this year’s Impericon Never Say Die! Tour is surely the heaviest and most exciting yet! Europe is going to experience a seriously killer tour!” says Martin Böttcher / Impericon.

2016 not only marks the 10 years anniversary of the Impericon Never Say Die! Tour, it is also the 10 years anniversary of Whitechapel. With five genre-redefining albums to their name, the Knoxville Tennessee natives have carved themselves a unique niche in contemporary metal, and in doing so have gained legions of fans. Their reputation for maintaining their integrity is well earned, and going into their sixth full-length this commitment is stronger than ever. With their new album »Mark of the Blade« coming out just before Never Say Die! in June, the band is truly stepping into a new and exciting phase of their career.

»We are excited to return to Europe this fall with our new record and headline Never Say Die! 2016. We love Impericon and the Never Say Die! Tour so we’ve been looking forward to this since it was offered to us. The line up is solid and heavy so don’t miss this tour!« says Alex Wade from Whitechapel.

Australia’s rising stars Thy Art Is Murder will be bringing their brand of brutal death metal to Europe with full force. Having just released their latest controversial album Holy War on Nuclear Blast and having toured recently in Europe with Parkway Drive, you can rest assured Thy Art Is Murder will tear Europe into shreds.

“We are so fucking stoked to be doing the Never Say Die! Tour and to have the honor of co headlining it with our friends in Whitechapel.« says drummer Lee Stanton. »Over the years almost all of our favorite heavy bands, from Parkway drive to Emmure to Despised Icon have done the never say die tour across Europe and the U.K. and it is finally time for us. The 2016 NSD line up is the most devastating tour package we have ever been a part of, and I can’t wait to get over at the end of this year and blast it out!”

Never Say Die! veterans Carnifex are back for the 3rd time! The San Diego metal quintet will be laying waste to stages, supporting their brand new album »Slow Death«, out on Nuclear Blast in August. Carnifex have always stood out within the ranks of the heavy music scene. Their ability to temper darkened metal with a cinematic swell of orchestral flourishes made their previous album a fan and tastemaker favourite.

»Being apart of Never Say Die! has always been a highlight for us. From our first time in 2007 to our return in 2013, the energy and excitement grows every year.« says vocalist Scott Lewis. »2016 is no exception and may be the heaviest line up Never Say Die! has ever had, do not miss this amazing tour!«

Canada’s finest Obey The Brave will be heading back to Europe with a brand new album on Epitaph Records for the fans. The band catapulted to the top of the metal-core pack in less than two years, thanks largely to the experience the five men in the band gained through hard touring and the amassing of mercilessly heavy discographies in prior outfits.

Alex Erin is stoked to be coming back to Europe for Never Say Die: »My favorite tour, taking place in my favorite continent, organized by my favorite people in the industry. No bullshit. Can’t wait for NSD.«

From Fallujah’s formation in 2007, the San Franciscans have melded brutality and brains into a sonic force with an unquestionable presence. The metal world has actually been waiting for a band like Fallujah. Their great mix of “aggressive and emotional” will be taking the band to new levels and will earn them even more dedicated followers.

»Fallujah is excited to be returning to Europe with some amazing bands and playing some of our favourite cities. We’re preparing a special set for this tour and plan on crushing Europe on Never Say Die!« says Alex Hoffmann from Fallujah.

Hailing from Australia sextet Make Them Suffer have been honing their razor sharp blend of frostbitten black metal, fiery hardcore and gothic misery since 2008, devoid of outside interference. The bands latest masterpiece Old Souls sees Make Them Suffer expanding their sonic universe and exploring new territory without sacrificing the vicious metallic attack that first drew fans across the world to them.

The band is absolutely stoked to be playing this years festival tour. From Sean Harmanis, Make Them Suffer vocalist – »We’ve always seen the Never Say Die tour as THE European tour to be on. It’s absolutely crazy and a dream come true that we are not only playing Never Say Die in 2016, but also alongside bands that we grew up listening to and have idolized since Make Them Suffer’s inception! We cannot wait to play for you Europe!«

Since forming in the quintessential English City of Guildford, POLAR have been on a merciless & devastating mission. No longer the scrappy hardcore-punk band from Surrey, the quintet have matured to draw influences from all corners of the alternative music world. In 2016 the band released their first worldwide album on Prosthetic Records titled “No Cure No Saviour”. The record see’s a heightened sense of melody and rhythm which has enabled Polar to take a dramatic step up which is sure to push the band forward towards an even more exciting future.

»We’re super stoked to be part of never say die! It’s a tour with great heritage and tradition of pushing up and coming bands on to a bigger stage. It’s a great opportunity to play our music to a new crowd and we can’t wait for November. See you down the front!« says vocalist Woody.

Avocado Booking and Impericon are also pleased to announce that Hope For The Day will be once again on board as a partner for Impericon Never Say Die! 2016.

“Hope For The Day are the perfect partner for Impericon Never Say Die!. It’s a nonprofit movement that strives for to make people aware of – and subsequently prevent – suicide, through the creative platforms of music and the arts. They’re based in Chicago and have been working since 2011 with bands, artists and community-focused brands to break down stigmas on mental health and doing valuable work building bridges in all communities. They will be present at all of this year’s Impericon Never Say Die! shows to reach out and connect people with help available to them locally so they know they aren’t alone.” – Marco Walzel of Avocado Booking


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